2020/21- Our Plans

This year, alongside the online magazine that will be updated throughout all three terms, Pharos will be publishing two edited print editions.

Time Capsule 2020

This special edition will be printed in the new year. Deadline for submissions is December 1st 2020

Pharos is calling for writers and designers to contribute to a special edition of the magazine commemorating and thinking through this year. Our experiences of this summer, of this year, will differ. But for many of us, they will be particularly memorable. Whether this memory is one predominantly of grief, anxiety, loneliness, righteous anger, despair, hope or even profound boredom, the intensity of our emotions call out for analysis. The working title of this edition is “Time Capsule 2020”. In it, we want to see reflections on the philosophical and emotional threads that have affected you this year. As always, these articles should be philosophical in some sense, but for this volume they must also be rooted in the unique aspects of 2020. We are also looking for a designer to work with us on this edition, and artists to fill the pages of the printed volume with 2020 inspired art. If either of these opportunities interest you, get in touch.

Pharos Volume IV

The deadline for printing in this edition will be the end of term 2. All submissions not meant for the special edition will be considered for this volume.

This volume will showcase the very best of the varied work that is published on the online magazine over the academic year.

For some tips on what to write about and how to write it, have a look at our style document.

Interested in writing for us?