Call for Applications

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that applications are now open for senior positions at Pharos, the Warwick Philosophy Magazine. As our first Term comes to a close, a new window of opportunity opens to those who want to fill their year with phenomenal potential. As a senior member of Pharos’ editorial board, you will be given the opportunity to partake in a truly immersive creative process. Our editorial team oversees the production of our yearly printed edition (see the latest issue here) and our website’s publishing process. As a result, you will take on a position of high responsibility as our best articles usually reach a broad audience of 350-650 views per piece. Moreover, you can apply for positions that reflect your personal interests. We are now opening applications for the following positions: The Submissions Editor, The Style Director, The Communications and Events Officer and The Interview Coordinator. All students are welcome and encouraged to apply.

The Submissions Editor:

They are the primary point of editorial contact; they will receive submissions and scan them for grammatical, thematic, tonal, and structural edits. Moreover, they will scrutinize the presented philosophical arguments for their strength, validity and lucidity. Afterwards, they will provide our writers with feedback on their writing. This position is ideal for someone who has an excellent command of the English Language, is a confident writer and is keen to engage with philosophical arguments. This position will look great on your CV as it demonstrates proficiency with structuring arguments & concise writing and exemplifies perseverance in facing challenging topics.

The Style Director:

This is an essential position in the modern age of information; they have full control of what our publication’s website should look like, how to make it more accessible and pleasing to the eye, and are tasked with managing all social media outlets for the magazine. More importantly, they will oversee the overall design and layout of the print edition. This is an exciting opportunity to imbue the magazine with your own aesthetic vision, i.e. the print edition is your artistic project of sorts. Taking on this position will bode well with your future career prospects as it showcases a creative aptitude and the ability to communicate with a specific target audience.

The Communications and Events Officer

Their primary responsibility will be to promote Pharos’ engagement with students; they will organize events such as philosophical debates & talks by enlisting correspondents, editors, other societies and student-lead magazines. They may also organize more relaxed events such as Drop-in sessions or ‘Meet the Editors’ events. In both cases, funding may be provided through the departmental events funding scheme. This is an excellent opportunity to develop your initiative and hone your communication skills, as you will liaise with societies, Warwick’s departments, and students in general.

The Interview Coordinator

The Interview Coordinator is tasked with conducting interviews with the departmental academics. As a regular contributor role, it involves producing 2-3 pieces of work per issue. The interview can be conveyed through a transcript, podcast format or an 800 words-long review. Part and parcel of this job are i) researching the background of the chosen academic; ii) and preparing relevant questions for the interview. This is a great position for those interested in academic philosophy, journalism or those just building their interpersonal skills.

Apart from this, you will be joining a team of people who are passionate about all things philosophy-, prose-, and argument-related, as well as a tight-knit social sphere which will create memories valuable to the entirety of your university experience. 

If you require more information, you may find a more detailed explanation of the given roles in here

Application Deadline: Friday 2nd of December, 23:59:59

How to apply: To apply for the role, please fill out the following form:

If you have any further questions regarding these roles, do not hesitate to contact me.


Benedikt Loula

Benedikt Loula
Editor in Chief
Pharos Magazine

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