About Us

“Pharos” is Greek for “lighthouse”. This title embodies our central motivation, to shine a light on philosophical insight where we find it. 

Though the two skills don’t always manifest together (looking at you Kant), gifted philosophers can also be gifted writers. Pharos magazine’s editing team is searching for those philosophers who can divulge their own sense of wonder and excitement through their writing. 

We constructed our official style document around the tripartite goal of writing that is clear, philosophical and engaging. As such, we won’t publish course essays, rather we encourage our writers to focus on the spark of inspiration behind their best course writing, and explore how they might share that same feeling with others. We will also publish poems, art and aphorisms which are sufficiently philosophical (poems needn’t be clear necessarily) though our editorial focus is mainly on essays. 

As a student-run magazine, we think that providing peer-support and detailed feedback is the best way that we can pay back our writers for their effort. Therefore, we are here to help at any stage of your creative process, both before and after submission. Feel free to organise a chat with us to talk about an idea for an article, or come along to one of Ask the Editors events to talk to other prospective writers about your ideas. 

We’ll be producing a couple of print editions this year (Covid permitting), and running online events to help inspire good writing and create a community around the magazine. Follow us on social media if you’re interested in coming along to our events. 

Our articles will be published on this website throughout the year. Sign up on the right to our email mailing list, or follow us on Facebook or Instagram to know when a new article is published.

Pharos Magazine was founded by Kiran Lloyd, Emily Bassett and Matt Hook in January 2017.