Deputy Editor


I am a third year Maths and Philosophy student, and I’m very excited to be the Deputy editor-in-chief for this year’s run of Pharos. Being a student of two disciplines with a more abstract overlap, my philosophical interests tend to vary from year to year. Currently, philosophical conceptions of the Will and how these inform human nature are my main interest, but being a mathematician at heart, I am deeply involved with the philosophy of mathematics and problems in formal logic. For a better understanding of who I am, my favourite philosophers are Nietzsche and Marcus Aurelius, and in terms of the Plato-Aristotle distinction, I normally fall in favour of Aristotle. 

This year, I am involved in running the day-to-day operations of the magazine (including curation of submissions and general ordering of the structure of our team). My primary duty over the course of the year will be the organisation involved in ensuring print editions of Pharos are widely available to all who are interested.