Montaigne, Twitter, and the Public Diary

By Eve Poirier – Winner of Philosophy in the Wild ‘This book was written in good faith, reader. It warns you from the outset that in it I have set myself no goal but a domestic and private one.’1  On 16 March 2022, Twitter user @nicolerichle tweeted: ‘just saw someone w 52.9k tweets and 3 followers’2. TheContinue reading “Montaigne, Twitter, and the Public Diary”

Public & Private Reason: Why Kant Wouldn’t Cancel Speakers

By Zac Cash In March 2019, the Psychology professor Jordan Peterson, whose views on transgender rights, climate change and gender identity has caused great controversy, had his visiting professorship invite rescinded from Cambridge University. Two years prior, protests erupted when the pro-Trump political commentator Milo Yiannopoulos announced that he would be speaking at UC BerkeleyContinue reading “Public & Private Reason: Why Kant Wouldn’t Cancel Speakers”

Life as Art: What Radiohead Can Surprisingly Teach You About Confidence

By Virgil Munteanu In the summer of 2021, I signed up for a short course in directing held at a well-known film school in London. One day, as we were all watching our short films, we eventually came to an evil cop-noir made by a fellow attendee. It started out rather unconventionally with a descendingContinue reading “Life as Art: What Radiohead Can Surprisingly Teach You About Confidence”

I Am Right About Literally Everything

By Kenneth Quek What would you think if I said I thought that my every belief was correct? I imagine it might sound pretty arrogant. But what if I told you that, on pain of contradiction, I had no choice but to believe my every belief was correct? This is, in essence, the dilemma thatContinue reading “I Am Right About Literally Everything”

When we are tired of compassion: how mental healthcare fails

by Alicia Lukman “A single death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic.” Not only does desensitization occur upon witnessing atrocities, prolonged exposure to more mundane life-events can trigger similar responses. Mental health professionals, and more broadly, workers in the care sector, have reported being exhausted, irritable, and unable to concentrate on helpingContinue reading “When we are tired of compassion: how mental healthcare fails”