Interview Coordinator

Contact: cecilia.ilori@warwick.ac.uk

Hi! My name is Cecilia. I’m a first-year PPE student and the new Interview Coordinator for the Pharos Team!

I applied to this role because 1) I love being told I can talk for a role, and 2) I can talk to others about stuff I love for a role. The stuff I love in philosophy is the ‘why’ questions, not only of theories, but of why philosophers (and us philosophy students are philosophers, so you too!) believe in their theories in the first place. I think the latter ‘why’ becomes buried in our philosophers’ impossible-to-read papers, and interviews help with unravelling these questions. So, I hope my interviews help with fuelling your interests or even with some further reading for your future projects! If you want to ask me to cover anything, email me at Cecilia.Ilori@warwick.ac.uk. Speak to you soon! x