Resisting Responsibility

The journey to accepting our freedom during a pandemic  This article is part of the Time Capsule 2020 project, click here to find out more. by Toby Tremlett “I don’t choose to exist, but I am. An absurdity which is responsible for itself, that’s exactly what I am” The Blood of Others; pg 108, Simone de BeauvoirContinue reading “Resisting Responsibility”

The Virus of Control

 by August Leo Liljenberg “The man of control is undulatory, in orbit, in a continuous network. Everywhere surfing has already replaced the older sports” – Giles Deleuze, Postscripts on the Societies of Control You are unsure what day of the week it is. Your sleep tracking app informs you that you had mild sleep disturbancesContinue reading “The Virus of Control”