The Case for Philosophers in the City

“I often think that knowledge of the law is a bit of a handicap to a barrister.” – Horace Rumpole [from Rumpole of the Bailey] Be upstanding! There’s no way around this: I’m sure this article is bound to upset some students, either in Philosophy or Law. However, this article does not serve to snatchContinue reading “The Case for Philosophers in the City”

Pipping Philosophy to the Post – Preparation for Pressure

‘Twas the night before the exams, when all through the flat,Not a creature was stirring, not even Rolf the cat;The bags were packed by the doors with care,In hopes that the holidays would soon be there;The students were hidden all tight in their beds;While visions of failing and resits were in their heads… Every student,Continue reading “Pipping Philosophy to the Post – Preparation for Pressure”