Submissions Editor

Contact: tiago.rodrigues-dinares@warwick.ac.uk

I am a final-year Philosophy student, and an exceptionally stubborn philosopher. This is either the cause or an effect of my passion for Metaphilosophy – although my philosophical interests fall under a wide array of topics, I am particularly passionate about ideas of how philosophers ought to do Philosophy nowadays (hence the stubbornness). Philosophy is undergoing a crisis of relevance. Philosophy departments are losing funding, tenure-track jobs are drying up, and there is a general consensus that Philosophy is a discipline detached from the concerns of public life. Whilst academic philosophers indulge in hairsplitting debates on niche topics, a host of urgent ethical, political, and existential questions are being left to Silicon Valley technocrats and entrepreneurs to answer. Thus, I believe it is the duty of a philosopher to engage with these questions first, and prioritise the creation of public philosophy (philosophy that any interested audience can participate in). I am a firm believer that philosophical writing should take inspiration from the approachable style that fomented the successes of popular publishing houses (e.g. Penguin Books), and it is my role to ensure publications in Pharos reflect this belief.

The bulk of my (actual) philosophical interests lies in the intersections between philosophy of other minds and other fields. These include intersections with philosophy of autism (e.g. how interpersonal phenomena in autistic individuals can inform our understanding of theory of mind), and applied ethics (e.g. can philosophy of other minds provide a meaningful argument for animal liberation). I also meddle in other topics related to political philosophy, philosophy of language, and general philosophy of mind. The philosophers who take up the most room in my OneDrive range from John Locke and Rousseau to Kripke and Donald Davidson.