Virgil’s Column

I am a second-year straight Philosophy undergraduate student and a regular columnist for Pharos. My main interests in philosophy include aesthetics, philosophy of art, philosophy of literature, and metaphysics. I consider myself very strongly inclined towards the Continental tradition, with my favourite authors including Giles Deleuze, G. W. F. Hegel, Nietzsche, and Heidegger.

My relationship with philosophy has quite an arc to it. Originally admitted to Warwick as an Economics student, I chose to follow my true interest in philosophy instead and changed courses in the first few weeks of Term 1 last year. Fast-forward to the end of Year 1 and watching Twin Peaks: The Return has (quite spontaneously) stirred a passion in me for filmmaking. I now intend to go to film school after finishing my degree at Warwick and start a career as a writer-director.

For me, cinema and philosophy — or art and philosophy for that matter — pursue somewhat identical goals, both ultimately aimed at human flourishing. It has been a disappointing academic experience to see that many people working in or just pursuing philosophy tend to neglect art as merely concerning particulars, whereas allocating philosophy to the privileged realm of “universals”. I hope that my articles for Pharos may convince some otherwise.